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Graphic Design
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Web Design
  • Graphic Design

    Print / Digital

    Since 2005, we have been helping our clients with their graphic and print design needs by creating graphic design solutions tailored to each project. Our graphic designers are experienced in commercial graphics, photography, advertising, and printing and we offer a full range of design, printing, advertising, and marketing services for both print and new media. We work closely with you throughout your entire project to develop a successful project.

  • Branding & Identity

    First Impressions

    A powerful brand is much more than a logo. (However a powerful logo can help). When people see your logo it needs to resonate and create positive vibes. Your brand and logo is the sum of many parts – colour, image, tone of voice, style. All these things are considered when we help you create or update your brand. At XPER Branding we provide a range of brand identity services that includes logo design, brand naming, messaging, visual and verbal brand identity.

  • Web Design

    Websites / CMS / Apps

    Things have changed in web design over the past few years, a great website is no longer about simply looking amazing to your users. It’s a real creative approach that mixes your business objectives with best practices to impress your users, providing you with a real return on investment. All of our web projects are cross-browser friendly and responsive design to look good on any monitor, tablet, or smartphone. We only use the most updated coding to work in an everchanging industry.

  • Marketing

    Marketing Management / Social Media Marketing

    What makes people stop and notice you, “like” you or tell a friend about you? That’s the burning question. And here’s how we answer it. Strategic development, Brand monitoring and reputation management, Social media profile development and management, Content development (posts, Web videos, etc.). Shares. Likes. Posts. Blogs. Tweets. They have all become powerful tools in the marketing mix. In fact, our social media strategies turn everyday people into your best brand advocates.


We are communication experts specializing in creating and launching brands as well as rebranding. We create, plan and manage branding strategies, independent of our clients, as well as, handling advertising and other forms of promotion.

In 2002 XPER Branding was a single freelance designer, Chad LaGrone, now we are a full group of strategists, designers, writers, creative thinkers, web programmers, and mobile app developers that start our day with one goal in mind, strengthening our client’s brand through new media, digital media, and social media. Our success over the last decade is credited to our ability to deliver results for our clients, whether it is a web design project or complete branding and marketing client.

Our clients have included Hilton Hotels, American Idol, HBO, Showtime, and countless other international, national, and regional brands around the world. We also perform work as “private label” and freelance to other design and branding companies, along with working as “in-house” designers (employees) of companies around the world.

We are one of the youngest and newest agencies in the field offering our clients fresh ideas!

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