Bathroom Remodelling

Simple Ways To Remodel The Bathroom

The bathroom is a very important part of any home. You spend a great deal of time in there using the bathroom, taking a shower, relaxing in a hot bath and so on. It is also one of the main rooms guests may see when they visit your home. Keeping your bathroom both functional and fresh looking is very important. Below are just a few simple ways you can remodel your bathroom to help make it look better.

bathroom remodeling

Change The Vanity

Changing the vanity is a great way to change up the bathroom. You can add a smaller size vanity for more space or even a larger size vanity for more storage if you have a lot of things. Many homes come with a standard vanity but homeowners have a variety of different styles and colors to choose from. It is a great simple way to change the look and feel of the bathroom without spending a great deal of time or money.

Painting The Walls

Painting the bathroom is one of the best ways to brighten the room up. Choose a warm inviting color so you can relax and feel at peace when in the bathroom. Many salons and spas use warm brown tones like beige or even warm gray tones to make people feel more relaxed and at ease. Be sure to choose a color that matches well with the bathtub and other bathroom fixtures. Also be sure to choose a paint that can withstand the moisture from showers and such.

Add New Heated Flooring

One of the worst feelings in the morning when you’re tired and in a rush to get ready is to step on a cold bathroom floor especially if you just stepped out of a nice warm relaxing shower or bath. The bathroom floor tends to be one of the coldest areas in the house. Changing the flooring in the bathroom to heated floors is a great way to change the look and feel of the room while also adding some comfort and convenience. The heated floors get warm so you never have to touch a cold tile again. The great thing about changing the flooring in a bathroom is they have so many designs, styles, and colors to choose from there s something to match every bathroom.


Take Out The Bathtub

This is a great remodel idea especially if no one in your home uses the bathtub or if you have a secondary bathroom with another tub. Instead of having a bathtub in your bathroom just have a shower stall. Shower stalls take up much less space than a whole bathtub and they look nicer and cleaner. Shower stalls can be customized to the homeowner’s tastes in a variety of ways. They can add extra shower heads, they can add overhead showers, they can hook up their music through speakers in the wall and many different things. This is a great idea for someone who wants more bathroom space for a vanity or storage shelf.

Change The Location Of Fixtures

If your bathroom is lacking in space it may be a good idea to look into rearranging the things in your bathroom. The toilet, sink, vanity or even the bathtub may be in a bad location. Assess your bathroom and decide if changing the direction of the toilet or the size of the vanity will free up some space. Although this can be a pricier job, in the long run, it will give you more space in the bathroom and help the bathroom look bigger and better.

These are some of the key ways to remodel a bathroom and have it done by a professional bathroom remodeling company. Even the slightest changes can make the room look better and even feel bigger. Simple remodels can add a lot of space and even function to your bathroom.